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4. Join a bourbon group.

4. Join a bourbon group.

Bourbon has experts and advocates, but there are also groups who enjoy the spirit too! The fact you are here means you are aware of the Lexington Bourbon Society. Our society has 200+ members who regularly meet, sip, and raise money supporting various charities throughout the year. It is a fun group that socializes and cross-educates on bourbon, its heritage, and the making of such a fine spirit. Across Kentucky, there are several groups that focus on bourbon and its community. These groups are meeting in Louisville, Frankfort, and of course, Lexington!

Not in the Lexington area? You can still join. Many groups like the Lexington Bourbon Society have online applications to become a member. You can participate in discussions and share your love with other enthusiasts. Social media allows you to follow and like things that are going on with the society.

And don’t forget, you can start your own group too! If you are in a city that does not have a group, you can be the first step toward getting a bourbon group going for your area! And if you need help or pointers, feel free to reach out to us. We have helped start other groups across the country who, too, are appreciating all things bourbon!

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