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8. Complete a collection.

8. Complete a collection.

The next step after getting a bottle signed naturally seems to be another signed bottle. And if you are an advanced enthusiast, another logical direction would be to complete a set.

So, what exactly is a set?

This can be any form of collection you wish to complete. Maybe you are a Buffalo Trace fan, and you want to collect one of each of their many products. (Blanton’s, E.H. Taylor, Stagg, Weller, or Pappy anyone?) Or maybe you want to complete a specific vertical? Old Forester might be calling out to you to finish the Whiskey Row Series, or Four Roses with each of their 10 available single barrel recipes. You may need to wait in the cold snow outside your favorite liquor store. Or maybe you know a guy who knows a guy who is neighbors with a guy who purchased an old bottle at an estate sale. No matter the collection, there will be a few that are deemed hard to find.

Each collection tells a unique story. There is a certainly a thrill in the hunt to complete a set. So, have fun with it and remember: Collections are fun and all, but make sure you are enjoying sips, too. Bourbon is best enjoyed by drinking with friends and family, not collecting dust and locked away in a cabinet.

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