Lexington Bourbon Society In the heart of bourbon country, we celebrate its heritage, Kentucky, and our nation.

Kentucky is known for some amazing products that provide comfort and happiness in the Bluegrass. Since 2007, our society has been proactive in the bourbon scene, sharing its legacy and ability to bring good folks together.

Partnering with LBS We would like to thank our families, friends, and sponsors across the state of Kentucky.

Throughout the year, our society partners with several distilleries, venues, and fellow spirit enthusiasts to collaborate on special events, exclusive discounts, and donations to charitable causes. In 2017, we raised over $15,000 and are already working towards another successful year! Let us celebrate supporting our local charities while enjoying America's Native Spirit.

Below is a list of our sponsors and partners who work closely with LBS to provide the ultimate bourbon experience in the Bluegrass.


Picks and Critiques...

Knob Creek Select Rye
Wine + Market / LBS 2018 Pick

Apricot spice enriched with oaky pecan, this rye hits you right up front but lingers nicely with each subsequent sip.

Russell’s Reserve
Hops2go Barrel Pick #1

From Warehouse “D”elicious, caramel and spice on the nose. A hint of orange, vanilla, and nutmeg lasting through this holiday season.

1792 Bottled in Bond

Sitting around the Christmas tree. A warm and cozy welcome into the evening with an oaky, red hot sugar finish!

Bourbon tastings are fun ways to entertain and learn more about America's Native Spirit!
With each release and new bottle made available, you too can experience something unique every time.

View our Critiques to see our notes and compare.

Lexington Bourbon Society Membership Our society is expanding to include more for our members.

So you want to become a member of our fast-growing, philanthropic society? With more than 190 members, we share with you the industry's finest, working hard to provide a fun and engaging membership experience. From private barrel picks and tastings to charity events and exclusive discounts at various stores and distilleries, we've got you covered throughout the year when joining our society!

And for those who would like to first check out the society before signing up, we offer non-member events and social sippers to learn more and speak with one of our members. We encourage you to reach out, stop by, and ask about how you can get involved today.


What Members Say...


Bill Meck - Chief Meteorologist, LEX18

"When I joined the Lexington Bourbon Society my bar consisted of a bourbon or two. I'd run out and just go get a bottle of a nice upper mid range bourbon...which back then you could actually find! My bar and stock now holds about 25 different bourbons ranging from collector's items to some wonderfully delicious pours that I never would have known about in my old world. I even went on a barrel selection at Buffalo Trace through the Society. How cool is that?

Not only has my collection of bourbon grown, but so has my group of friends. These are some of the most down to Earth and fun people you'll ever meet. We meet...we drink a little bourbon...but most importantly, we have fun. The group has grown tremendously and outings range from Keeneland to just a gathering to philanthropic events. It's an honor, privilege, and just a blast to be part of such a group."


John Sirianos - Palm Beach Bourbon Society

"There’s a saying in America, “That’s the Real McCoy!” Genuine. That name is no stranger to Kentucky! Well, LBS is the real McCoy! No flash, just genuine. Good people sharing, supporting, educating and (for me, mentoring) the rest of us on Bourbon. Of course, no organization thrives like this without quality leadership. You’re good people, you care about others. Tough to come by nowadays. Of course, your knowledge of bourbon is second to none. Hard to exist in greater Lexington, let alone Kentucky without learning a thing or two about bourbon. But it doesn’t stop there with LBS, you share it. I am privileged to be a member of this fine society. I thank you all for your friendship, leadership and support."


Chrisa Auxier

"I have been a member of LBS for almost 4 years now, and I have met some really great people. I have had some stellar bourbon and the fellowship and generosity of this group is amazing. I love that we get to drink bourbon and support local charities!"


Casey Allen Bright

"For years I was under the impression that I would simply be ‘paying to do what I could already for free.’ After meeting dozens of people with the same passion and getting more involved, I found that I wished I had joined earlier. It’s a group of quality people who are welcoming and eager to help people learn and expand their knowledge into such a great part of Kentucky heritage."

Ready to join and start enjoying bourbon? Get your membership today!

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We are a collection of folks with a penchant for America's Native Spirit! Our purpose is to celebrate the heritage of bourbon, Kentucky, and our nation.

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